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  1. kuplion


    Hey there! Thanks for playing on our server!!
  2. kuplion

    Hey guys check out my mod

    I'm not normally a fan of the random advertising but I absolutely love that top pic of the guy all in black so I'll let it slide.. Is the mod on A3L yet?
  3. kuplion


    Welcome back to Arma and Exile! Thank you for giving us a try, fingers crossed you'll love what we've done with it!
  4. kuplion


  5. This was caused by CBA updating in the middle of a server cycle but should be resolved now.
  6. kuplion

    Base question

    The server is currently set to 1 base per player, and no limit on bases per family. Thank you for playing on our servers!
  7. kuplion

    Vehicle protection in bases.

    Happy to help. Thank you for playing on FriendlyPlayerShooting.
  8. kuplion

    Vehicle protection in bases.

    That one. If the vehicle owner logs on, or the vehicle is unlocked with the code, or the vehicle is hotwired, it is no longer protected for that session.
  9. kuplion

    Regarding territories rules

    Yeah that would be cool.
  10. kuplion

    tanoa server

    Hey. My apologies for not getting back to you sooner. I can confirm that Tanoa will be back on 2nd January, it's just having a bit of a refresh.
  11. kuplion

    Rearming vehicles

    Hey there. Thanks for the suggestions. Currently we have it set that you can rearm via the Spec Ops traders. We'll set aside some time to have a look at the ammo trucks too though, good idea.
  12. kuplion


    That username is not on our ban list but if you've used a different name that may be.
  13. kuplion


    I've just tested the link here on the site and it's working. What error does it give you? If it comes up as expired it means you were previously banned from our Discord on a different username.
  14. kuplion

    howdy fellow pc/arma nerds!

  15. kuplion