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Hey there peeps, my name is Paulo Siivet Cardoso, and nope, I'm not french or else i'd be farting in your general direction, which I do with bullets, so that makes me Portuguese. Currently I work security, compose music (if you want some for youtube videos or such things, MP me), also write, organize a festival every year in Portugal for the last 2 years, worked in IT for 8 years and I'm also a Chef, I speak Portuguese, Spanish, English (in case you didn't noticed), a little french and I understand some other languages, In game languages are arnold schwarzeneggerroo when driving or getting shot at and clint eastwooderino when people get on my tits.
I like Arma 3 and Guinness, feel free to offer me any dlc or a pint.
I randomly found your server and seems like I land on it everyday, so might as well do this hello thing I said to myself, and here it is.

I suck at driving and I love my Ghillie suit and my MK-I, so if you kill me don't freaking steal it from me, Ill pay you a beer or shoot you in the ass accordingly to my mood.

Thanks for all your in game major coolness . See you in the servers.

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