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sirarmadill    0

heyyo mates

i have a few Things too write in this and its like this earlier today( not long ago) i reported an exploit which i btw had only used once too test it on this server too the admins and they kick/banned me from theire discord server so Word off advice dont report Things they get angry with that so i would say play the game use exploits as much as you want just dont report it too them and let them find the exploits themselves

Kind Regards Gabriel


ps. if kub is reading and finds this wrong you are welcome too inv me back too discord so we can talk about it man-man im always willing too talk but not like that i report Things if i find anything out off place and if you dont like Things being reported than dont ask for it in the first place

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kuplion    88

You joined our servers and proceeded to bitch and moan about absolutely everything. You moaned about things that were non issues to everyone else, you moaned about things that literally aren't a part of Exile. You even boasted about forcing your ultimatums on other server admin/communities.

I was tipped off by a server admin from a community that has already banned you for your general attitude. This particular admin also provided screenshots of your behaviour and your generally shitty attitude which matched that of your time on our servers.

You are banned from our servers and you are banned from our Discord. You are also now banned from this forum too.

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