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  1. Regarding territories rules

    I apply the test if you cannot walk between the walls that have been placed around the flag I call that a violation.
  2. Hi, I'm Kenny

  3. Hi I'm Bnvy

    Welcome to the community. Try the fish.
  4. make a base

  5. Coming soon!

    shenanigans incoming!
  6. Arma 3 Performance Guide!!!!

    Wow, this is amazing. Within just 3 weeks I lost a whole 150 pounds.... wait wrong forum. Thanks for an awesome post @kuplion!
  7. "Official" FPS Tanoa Guided Tours

    You've got one vote for the lada here. The shitiness of it will add to the charm and humour I think!
  8. "Official" FPS Tanoa Guided Tours

    OMG, re-living the nightmare pissing myself laughing here @mikegg and @birger!
  9. Safes getting reset to 0000

    *Cough* discord *cough*
  10. Safes getting reset to 0000

    Oh the lols. I think it is going to be about a month before he spots that!
  11. Safes getting reset to 0000

    My head is hurting again. Lets just make this simple and go back to BLOWING PEOPLE UP! WAAAARRGGGHHHHH!
  12. Safes getting reset to 0000

    Ah now this makes sense. So HighMe is Kris? Give me my fecking heli back ye bastard! @mikegg, our resident cat burglar strikes again!
  13. Safes getting reset to 0000

    Mike... Do you have something to say to HighMe?
  14. Safes getting reset to 0000

    Oh te noes! Hope its all still there...
  15. Safes getting reset to 0000

    Keep safe. See what I did there? ...I'll leave