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  1. Discord

    That username is not on our ban list but if you've used a different name that may be.
  2. Discord

    I've just tested the link here on the site and it's working. What error does it give you? If it comes up as expired it means you were previously banned from our Discord on a different username.
  3. 10/11/2017 Start of Changelog
  4. howdy fellow pc/arma nerds!

  5. Admins?

  6. Admins?

    Gimme a few minutes, I'll fix the link. I didn't realise it had expired. Oops..
  7. Hi there !

    Hey Goodfella, thank you for playing on our servers here at FriendlyPlayerShooting. Hopefully we'll see you in game soon! Also, join our Discord if you can as we're all much more active on there.
  8. Regarding territories rules

    Literally like this: III is a no no.
  9. Regarding territories rules

    The layered wall basically means don't sandwhich the walls together. And the flag being accessible means that it must be able to be stolen if the raiding players are able to breach all the way to it, so don't hide it in a wall, an object, or something like a rock, for example.
  10. Complete and Utter NOOB

    Hey JC, thanks for joining us at FriendlyPlayerShooting. Pop on to our discord (link up there somewhere ^^^) for lots of banter and bullshittery!
  11. reporting things

    You joined our servers and proceeded to bitch and moan about absolutely everything. You moaned about things that were non issues to everyone else, you moaned about things that literally aren't a part of Exile. You even boasted about forcing your ultimatums on other server admin/communities. I was tipped off by a server admin from a community that has already banned you for your general attitude. This particular admin also provided screenshots of your behaviour and your generally shitty attitude which matched that of your time on our servers. You are banned from our servers and you are banned from our Discord. You are also now banned from this forum too.
  12. Hello !

    Welcome to the club!!
  13. Base Respawns

    Hey Cooper, thanks for playing on FriendlyPlayerShooting. The base respawn is restricted to level 3 territories and higher and only after been on the server for 15 minutes (I need to check that as I forget our settings).
  14. Exile Malden

    Hi @Binns, Are you joining via A3L (Unofficial) or Arma3 Launcher (Official)? NiArms Complete and ASDG JR (Unofficial v0.20) are only on A3L I believe. We recommend A3L as it makes connecting and managing mods for these types of servers much much easier.
  15. Hi I'm CloudStrife

    Hey Cloud, Jeff.. CloudyJeff! Thanks for playing on our servers. Feel free to join our Discord too (link up there ^^^) to chat shit and share pictures of your kills.