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  3. Regarding territories rules

    I apply the test if you cannot walk between the walls that have been placed around the flag I call that a violation.
  4. Regarding territories rules

    Yeah that would be cool.
  5. Regarding territories rules

    add on to this point are we able to place destroyable stuff over flag such as wooden pillars for instance they can be destroyed by someone with charges so would that be ok?
  6. tanoa server

    Hey. My apologies for not getting back to you sooner. I can confirm that Tanoa will be back on 2nd January, it's just having a bit of a refresh.
  7. tanoa server

    the tanoa server is currently offline this is a technical problem or is it just temporary?
  8. Rearming vehicles

    Hey there. Thanks for the suggestions. Currently we have it set that you can rearm via the Spec Ops traders. We'll set aside some time to have a look at the ammo trucks too though, good idea.
  9. Rearming vehicles

    The truck I'm talking about is the B_Truck_01_ammo_F , someone on the Exile forums suggested this price and tier for it { quality = 4; price = 55000}; it's a HEMTT truck. Sorry for the double post, can't edit (or don't know how).
  10. Rearming vehicles

    Just a simple question, is there a way to rearm vehicles? If I can make a request, I'd like to see the ammo truck in the vendor to be able to rearm in my base, like the fuel van that's already there. It should be higher tier and more expensive though. Thanks
  11. Discord

    Hummm....I don’t know maybe Sir Womble but I don’t think why I would be banned
  12. Discord

    That username is not on our ban list but if you've used a different name that may be.
  13. Discord

    Well tbh thats really weird, I have never joined your server and this is my second day being on arma, I havent joined the discord so I am really confused my username on discord is Meepy so check if im on the bans list
  14. Discord

    I've just tested the link here on the site and it's working. What error does it give you? If it comes up as expired it means you were previously banned from our Discord on a different username.
  15. Discord

    The discord links dont work and I would really like to join it because I like this server, discord.me/friendlyplayershooting doesnt work and it says its invalad
  16. Admins?

    Malden is my jam, I'll admin it if ya need me to Kup
  17. howdy fellow pc/arma nerds!

  18. howdy fellow pc/arma nerds!

    just thought i would sign up to this and say a big hello to everybody hello!!
  19. Admins?

  20. Admins?

    Gimme a few minutes, I'll fix the link. I didn't realise it had expired. Oops..
  21. Hi there !

    Hey Goodfella, thank you for playing on our servers here at FriendlyPlayerShooting. Hopefully we'll see you in game soon! Also, join our Discord if you can as we're all much more active on there.
  22. Admins?

    That doesn't work either
  23. Admins?

    Well, We will get that link fixed! Here is a good link for our discord! discord.me/friendlyplayershooting
  24. Admins?

    Would love to but link on here and address of discord doesn't work?
  25. Admins?

    Hello, and welcome to our servers! Admins are usually always hanging out in our Discord, it is much easier to catch one of us there!
  26. Admins?

    Hi, friend and I spending a lot of time on the Malden server, are there ever any admins on? Cheers
  27. Hi there !

    Hello everyone. It's been a few weeks since I joined the Tanoa server, so I thought I'd say hello 30 Years old french guy here, i'm kind of a noob with Exile. I'm a friendly player, I will not attack anyone unless attacked first, I will not raid others bases either. I just do mind my own business. I'm no against teaming up with other players to do some AI missions though. I really like the Tanoa server !
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